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land acquisition


: Jul 1 – Jul 31, 2024

up to $20,000

Transaction Assistance Grant (TAG) Program

The Connecticut Land Conservation Council’s Transaction Assistance Grant (TAG) Program seeks to accelerate the pace of land conservation by providing financial assistance to land trusts for transaction-related project costs. TAG responds to immediate conservation needs and is designed to get funding on the ground efficiently and effectively. Applications for TAG grants are accepted monthly, with applications due on the last day of a given month as long as funds are available.

Land Use
Recreation & Access

$75,000 - $350,000

The Environmental Justice Thriving Communities Grantmakers Subgrants

Thriving Communities subgrants will be distributed by the Grantmakers to support capacity building in communities affected by environmental or public health issues to eligible applicants. The program aims to reduce the burden of the federal grants application process and distribute federal funds to potential applicants working to address environmental justice issues. Note that the Grantmakers will be different for CT (Region 1) and NY (Region 2).

Land Use
Nature-based Solutions
Environmental Health Hazards
Environmental Justice
Stormwater Management
Water Quality
Extreme Weather & Storms
Community Engagement
Waste Management
Green Infrastructure

Resilience Steps


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