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Maidstone Landing Bluff Restoration

The Maidstone Landing Association, situated between Town of Riverhead Iron Pier Beach and Hallock State Park, wanted to take action to mitigate erosion of their bluff. First they worked with Town of Riverhead to put up signage and fencing to stop beachgoers from climbing and driving on or near the bluff, which was causing significant destruction. Next they opted for a small-scale, nature-based approach to help stabilize the bluff. They purchased snow fencing from Home Depot and native beachgrass from Long Island Natives. They engaged Riverhead Charter High School to help with putting up the snow fencing and the plantings. The Maidstone Landing Association is using their bluff as an “outdoor classroom” to teach students and the public about the importance of conserving our coastal habitats and best practices.

Maidstone Landing Case Study - Bluff Erosion - Credit Elizabeth Hornstein
Bluff erosion at Maidstone Landing
Maidstone Landing Case Study - Planting beachgrass and installing snow fencing at Maidstone Bluff - Credit Elizabeth Hornstein
Restoration project at Maidstone Landing
Study Type: Project
Impact Information:
The beachgrass is now thriving, and the both the fencing and plants have held up during recent storms. Additional plantings are planned, and the Association plans to continue to collaborate with New York Sea Grant, Long Island Sound Study, and Suffolk Soil & Water Conservation District, to use this project to educate students and the public on best practices and the importance of protecting our coastal bluffs.
Period of Completion: 2023/ongoing
Total Cost: $3,000
Funding Sources: Maidstone Landing Association purchased the plants and snow fencing. They were able to work with Home Depot to get a discount on the snow fencing. They solicited volunteers and engaged Riverhead Charter High School to assist with the plantings and putting up the snow fencing.
Permits Needed: NYSDEC
Contact Info:

Tom Mohrman; Corey Humphrey

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