Upcoming: Aug 2 – Nov 1, 2024

Up to $8,000 (Planning); Up to $50,000 (Implementation)

Climate Smart Land Stewardship Grant Program

The Climate Smart Land Stewardship Grants is a new fund for land trusts offered by the Connecticut Land Conservation Council (CLCC) with support from the Connecticut Department of Agriculture. This program will award $500,000 over multiple years for both planning and implementation grants. In 2024, grants will be awarded quarterly.

Additional Information:
Planning Grants: Designed for organizations in the early stages of developing a climate smart land stewardship project, these grants can fund the background research and plan development needed to implement a climate smart project. Examples include developing a forest management plans, pollinator planting plans, or work plans for implementing specific climate-smart practices. Implementation Grants: Larger grants will be available to assist land trusts with implementing these climate smart practices on their preserves. They fund activities related to the on-the-ground implementation of climate smart practices and may fund the initiation of new projects and/or the continuation of existing projects. Climate Smart practices encompass a collection of land management strategies and practices that increase carbon storage, support ecosystem services, and improve climate resilience.
Funding Agencies: CT DOA, CT Land Conservation Council
Eligibility: Nonprofit/501(c)3 Organization
Frequency Details: Quarterly in 2024.
Match Requirement: 25% (Planning); none (Implementation)
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