Up to $5000

Community Match Fund

Sustainable CT’s Community Match Fund is an innovative program that provides fast, flexible funding and support for engaging your community on wide-ranging sustainability projects. Eligible projects receive dollar-for-dollar matching funds from Sustainable CT.

Additional Information:
Projects must: 1. Be located in a Sustainable CT registered town; 2. Align with Sustainable CT’s mission of creating equitable, sustainable communities; 3. Align with Sustainable CT actions; 4. Have a public benefit and be inclusive to members of your community(ies); 5. Be specific and concrete; 6. Have a detailed budget; 7. Be determined eligible by Sustainable CT staff; 8. Be your or your group’s only Sustainable CT Community Match Fund project that is actively fundraising; and 9. Be implemented in a short time frame after fundraising.
Funding Agencies: Sustainable CT
Eligibility: Academic/Educational Institution, Community Organization, Individual/Landowner, Local Government Entity, Nonprofit/501(c)3 Organization, Private Entity, Tribal Government/Organization
Match Requirement: 1:1
Stormwater Management
Waste Management
Community Engagement
Policies & Regulations
Extreme Weather & Storms
Recreation & Access
Incentive Programs
Water Quality
Environmental Justice
Economic Impacts
Aquatic Resources
Sea Level Rise
Environmental Health Hazards
Nature-based Solutions
Land Use
Open Resource

Resilience Steps


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