Cultural and Community Resilience

The Cultural and Community Resilience program supports community-based efforts to mitigate climate change and COVID-19 pandemic impacts, safeguard cultural resources, and foster cultural resilience through identifying, documenting, and/or collecting cultural heritage and community experience. The program prioritizes projects from disadvantaged communities in the United States or its jurisdictions, and NEH encourages applications that employ inclusive methodologies.

Additional Information:
Funded activities: Identifying and capturing cultural and historical resources. Safeguarding cultural resources Collecting oral histories or other forms of recordings from indivuals impacted Documenting Traditional Knowledge, memories of elders, practices, or technologies that may inform contemporary ways of working and living Engaging in collaborative planning efforts to prepare communities for rapid response collecting Applyinh insights from cultural heritage identification and documentation projects to inform local and regional community resilience strategies. All activitites must relate to climate change or the Covid-19 pandemic.
Funding Agencies: National Endowment for the Humanities
Frequency Details: TBD
Match Requirement: No match
Environmental Justice
Community Engagement
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Resilience Steps


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