Developing a Coastal Assessment Resiliency Plan

In this Coastal Resiliency Network webinar, Samantha Klein, Environmental Analyst for the Town of East Hampton, discusses her experience in paving the way to a more resilient East Hampton with the development of their CARP (Coastal Assessment Resiliency Plan). She focuses on lessons learned, funding, and providing guidance on how to get started creating your own CARP. The Coastal Resilience Network, led by the New York State Association of Conservation Commissions (NYSACC) with assistance from NY Sea Grant, is a collaborative open forum for communities in coastal Westchester, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties to discuss and learn about opportunities to increase their resilience to sea level rise, flooding, and extreme events.

Coastal Resiliency Network Meeting, June 21st 2022
Land Use
Sea Level Rise
Extreme Weather & Storms
Policies & Regulations
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Resilience Steps


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