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Marsh Conservation Planning for Oyster Bay Cold Spring Harbor

In 2023, Long Island Sound Study, New York Sea Grant and Warren Pinnacle, in partnership with committed municipalities and marsh-conservation groups/organizations, developed a Plan to understand the benefits, threats and recommended conservation actions at seven focal areas across the harbors. The goal of the Plan is to inform local municipalities and marsh-conservation groups as to where they might focus their conservation efforts to maximize the conservation of marsh ecosystem services under sea-level rise conditions. Seven focal areas across Oyster Bay & Cold Spring Harbor: Frost Creek, Mill Neck Creek, West Shore Road, Bayville Bridge to Centre Island, Centre Island, Shore Road, and Lower Cold Spring Harbor.

Frost Creek Wetland
Study Type: Plan
Impact Information:
This process brought together a diversity of stakeholders to develop a cohesive strategy for seven focal areas across Oyster Bay and Cold Spring Harbor. The partners will now work to implement the recommendations in the plan.
Period of Completion: 2023
Total Cost: $17,500
Funding Sources: EPA's Long Island Sound Study
Permits Needed: NA
Contact Info:

Sarah Schaefer-Brown,

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