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New York Climate Resilience Grant Program

The Climate Resilience Grant Program (CRGP) offers grants for projects that contribute to a world where people and nature can thrive. The goal of the program is to support partners in protecting the lands and waters critical for adapting to climate change. As climate change drives ecosystem instability, plants and animals are shifting their ranges northward. TNC has resources to support the conservation of climate resilient lands.

Additional Information:
You can locate your land acquisition project site by entering the address in the search tool located in the upper right corner. Resilient and Connected Network (RCN) land acquisition projects must be wholly or partially within one of New York’s focal landscapes and include at least some of the Resilient and Connected Network (shaded in green). Resilient Floodplains and Shorelines (RFS) acquisition projects must include at least some of the mapped floodplains, sediment transport zones or tidal marshes. Note that these feature layers will only appear on the map when zoomed in. RFS projects can be within or outside of the focal landscapes. Planning, capacity and strategy projects must intersect with either the focal landscapes and/or the Resilient Floodplains and Shorelines targets.
Funding Agencies: TNC
Eligibility: Community Organization, Local Government Entity, Nonprofit/501(c)3 Organization, State Agency, Tribal Government/Organization
Frequency Details: Annual
Match Requirement: none
Land Use
Nature-based Solutions
Sea Level Rise
Green Infrastructure
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