$500 - $1,000

Seed Grants Program

Awards small grants in support of grassroots efforts and community-based environmental work in New England. The Grassroots Fund utilizes participatory grantmaking to move resources to New England grassroots groups working at the intersections of Environmental Justice. The program is geared toward groups who have some experience implementing a project in their community. Grants support groups to deepen their work by further developing a community vision, lowering barriers to participation, identifying new stakeholders, and working to bring more voices and lived experiences into core decision-making processes.

Additional Information:
The Seed grant program is geared towards groups launching new projects or starting to significantly change the direction of an existing project. Most often, groups have been working on the project less than a year and usually don't yet have much direct experience with implementing the idea. The Grassroots Fund interprets the word 'environment' broadly and provides funding for a wide range of activities.
Funding Agencies: New England Grassroots Environment Fund
Eligibility: Community Organization, Nonprofit/501(c)3 Organization
Frequency Details: Rolling - you can apply for a Seed grant any time of year.
Match Requirement: none
Water Quality
Green Infrastructure
Marine Debris
Waste Management
Community Engagement
Policies & Regulations
Extreme Weather & Storms
Recreation & Access
Incentive Programs
Stormwater Management
Environmental Justice
Economic Impacts
Aquatic Resources
Sea Level Rise
Environmental Health Hazards
Nature-based Solutions
Land Use
Open Resource

Resilience Steps


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