Case Study

Norwalk, CT

Webster Street Parking Lot Green Infrastructure Project

In 2019, the City of Norwalk secured a LIS Future Fund grant to install green infrastructure in the Webster Street Parking to reduce the impacts of stormwater on the Norwalk River and Harbor and mitigate local flooding of surrounding businesses through the installation of four different types of infiltration and bio-retention structures:
1) Underground infiltration systems.
2) Retention basins and curb inlet planters in eight different areas.
3) Porous pavement with storage in two areas.
4) Infiltration gutters and tree filters in two other areas.

Overhead design drawing of a parking lot with several narrow green spaces throughout.
Rendering of the Webster Lot Design Plan. Credit: City of Norwalk
A gravel area containing young plants and steep curb next to a parking area. A red jeep is parked next to it.
Water capture and infiltration system of one of the retention basins. Credit: City of Norwalk
View down the aisle of two rows of parked cars. There is a separator in the middle containing gravel and plants.
Infiltration gutter in between parking rows. Credit: City of Norwalk
A parking lot in front of a tall building with a green space containing a young tree and plants.
End cap retention basin with tree filter. Credit: City of Norwalk
A section of sidewalk that includes a planted area and drain that is sectioned off my a black chain link barrier. An informational sign is placed in front of the garden.
Sidewalk bioretention planter with educational signage. Credit: City of Norwalk
Educational signage. Credit: City of Norwalk
Study Type: Project
Impact Information:
The project is estimated to remove 12 lbs. of nitrogen and preventing over 6 million gallons of stormwater from entering Norwalk Harbor annually. Since it's installation, the site has not experienced any flooding incidents (as of 2024), indicating that it seems to be functioning well.
Period of Completion: 2019-2022
Total Cost: $900,000
Funding Sources: EPA (NFWF Long Island Sound Futures Fund); Parking Authority
Permits Needed: Department of Public Works
Contact Info:

Bryan Lutz

Assistant Director of Parking; 203-854-7253



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